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actiTube 7mm filters 50 pcs.

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SLIM filter with the smallest possible diameter that can still achieve very good filtering results. 7 mm is considered by many to be the ideal diameter. The world's first true activated carbon coil filter sets the standard for others. Like its older brother, the 7mm SLIM filter is well filled and filters almost as well. Its size is very convenient, which is why it is the most popular. Like all actiTube products, these coil filters are made in Germany.

When smoke passes through an activated carbon filter, much of the harmful resins in the smoke stick to the carbon. This makes the smoke pleasantly refreshing.

ActiTube activated carbon filters:

  • enhances smoke taste
  • reduces the amount of tar entering the lungs
  • facilitates pure smoking

Winter Tip: at temperatures below +5°C (40°F), smoke will condense on the cold activated carbon (instead of being filtered) and can clog the filter. Therefore, in the cold season, we recommend either smoking indoors or trying to keep the filter warm (body or room temperature) until it lights up.

Package contains 50 units.



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